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    Crack cocaine is a type of cocaine that is produced by cooking powder cocaine with baking soda or ammonia. 
    It is typically smoked and produces a quick and intense high.

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    Immediate high: Smoking crack cocaine produces a quick and intense high that can last for several hours.
    Convenience: Smoking crack cocaine is a quick and easy way to get high, making it a convenient option for those who want a quick fix.
    Cost-effective: Compared to other forms of cocaine, crack cocaine is often less expensive, making it a more affordable option for those on a budget.
    Discreet: Smoking crack cocaine is a discreet way to use the drug, as it does not require the use of needles or other paraphernalia.
    Strong effects: Compared to powder cocaine, crack cocaine produces stronger and more intense effects, making it a popular choice for those who want a more powerful high.